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My experience is that they care nothing about the opinions of their user base, and they're going to do what they want to do regardless. If you DO temporarily switch over to the "new" format (is it still being called beta? It seems that it just took them a week or so to resolve the problem.

reads this correspondence or not, and I strongly suspect it doesn't matter. Perhaps I was too hasty in conjecturing a conspiracy theory against the folks at Yahoo! Maybe it's all the layoffs they're projecting but it does surprise me that an Internet company has such terrible software versions. The last time I tried to contact someone in their "help" area I just got fed the same story over and over even though I had said repeatedly that I had already tried their "fix" and it hadn't worked.

Note: Passwords are case sensitive (so PASSWORD, Pa Ss Wo Rd, and password are not the same). A strong password contains a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters.

Sometimes the simplest of fixes work wonders such as type the F5 key to refresh the page clears up a lot of troubles,if not then try this.

OK, now I'm wondering if our good friends at Yahoo! OK, now I'm wondering if our good friends at Yahoo! The last big change they made to IM was enough to make me uninstall it and switch to Trillian, and all the changes for their new "beta" versions may be enough to force me away from Yahoo!

Reclaiming ownership of your personal space may be more challenging than you expect. There is a Server Farm issue with BETA Original Mail. AND IF YOU HAVE IE7 or IE8, uninstall it by going to Start Control Panel/Settings and then Add and Remove Programs. Try it and if it doesn't solve your problem just SWITCH BACK TO BETA MAIL! Bottom line is any link that already has you signed in!!! I believe it will solve MOST, MOST all the problems people are having if you Switch Back (click on switch back on top of your inbox on top by your account) to Original Mail, until it is out of the TESTING STAGE.UPDATE THREE: Twitter users are still reporting issues with Yahoo Mail this evening.Despite earlier reports that the issue affecting the service was fixed, users are still saying they are experiencing issues.

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The quickest way to check for updates for non-members is to open the browser, and select "Help." Once you have done this, select "Check for Updates." If you find any, your problem is solved, and you can install the update.

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