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Designed to use minimal CPU power, you won't even know it's running.If your backup is interrupted, or you put your computer to sleep, Crash Plan automatically resumes when your computer becomes available again. We keep your deleted files forever (unless you tell us not to), so no matter how much time passes after you trash a file, you can dig it out.

There is a possibility of renting a minivan for half or a full day.

We were extremely shocked and saddened to hear Smilegate's decision.

Despite an extended period of negotiation, this came as a total shock to us, especially as we continue to believe the game has enormous potential.

Radiant Worlds is sad to announce that its work on PC-based creative sandbox and adventure game Sky Saga: Infinite Isles will now cease, following the decision of its publishing partner Smilegate Entertainment to put the game on hold for an unknown period of time.

This has resulted in the failure to renew our recently expired contract, and as Sky Saga is currently our only project, this has inevitably meant that we now have no ongoing source of income.

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