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Their breakup in 1969 caused nearly as much distress to Martin’s fans as his professional split with partner Jerry Lewis had in 1956.

“Dean’s viewers knew he was a good husband and father and the booze-and-broads jokes were just part of the act,” wrote Lee Hale in the 2000 book , having served as musical director for the NBC program.

Despite having toned thing down considerably, he directed what some saw as a homophobic gag at Jodie Foster, the lesbian actress, who co-starred with Mel Gibson in the film The Beaver.

Jeanne maintained she had never heard of either entertainer until that night.

1, 1949, at the Beverly Hills home of Herman Hover, owner of famed Hollywood nightclub Ciro's. She was “the best thing (next to me) that ever happened to Dean,” wrote Lewis in a 2005 memoir, .

For 20 years, they were viewed as one of Hollywood’s happiest couples until on Dec.

What’s different about “Despacito” is that it’s a Spanish-language song and not an English song, which is significant because many people assume that Latin crossover artists move from Spanish to English.

One person this brings to mind is Romeo Santos, the frontman for the bachata group Aventura who now has a tremendously successful solo career.

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Mark has an epiphany that enables him to tell the world's first lie, to the effect that he has $800 — the amount he owed his landlord — in his account.

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