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Physical prowess and unparalleled intensity are Hunter's most obvious skills, however, one of the most notable attributes that separates Hunter from other WWE superstars is his mental approach to the sport.

He is smart and calculating having executed a move, which he invented, that no other athlete can achieve called "The Pedigree." His loyal fans have coined him "The Game" because he encompasses extraordinary athletic talents and an uncompromising cerebral mindset.

Levesque commenced his professional wrestling career in the International Wrestling Federation (IWF) in 1992 under the ring name Terra Ryzing.NXT is what it is, but it’s gone from being the little developmental project to 200 live events a year to four pay per views a year.My goal is to make that must-see television so that you have to have the Network.In 1997, Triple H co-founded the influential D-Generation X stable, which became a major element of the WWF's "Attitude Era".After winning his first WWF Championship and beginning a storyline marriage with Stephanie Mc Mahon in 1999, Triple H became widely regarded as the best wrestler in North America, and a fixture of the company's main event scene. Over the next two decades, he won a total of 14 world championships and led stables The Mc Mahon-Helmsley Faction, Evolution, and The Authority.

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