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“It’s going well,” David revealed, adding: The 44-year-old actor then showed off a picture of Harper, which was taken over the weekend. When the news came out that former Playboy playmate Jillian Grace, 22, was pregnant and claimed that David Spade was the father, Spade, 43, issued a statement that made his relationship with Grace seem like a fling.

Although he is no longer dating Harper’s mom — Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace, who lives in Missouri with their baby girl — David said he is “getting used to” fatherhood. ” David went on to share that he plans to visit Harper in Missouri next month.

However, Grace who is Playboy's Playmate in March of 2005 give a birth to a daughter, Harper in 2008 nine months after their break up.

David Spade and Jillian Grace with their daughter Source: According to a source, Harper was planned by both Spade and Grace.

He did handle it much better than a lot of other celebrities would have, and acknowledged that the baby could be his, saying “I had a brief relationship with Jillian Grace.

If it is true that I am the father of her child, then I will accept responsibility.” Star Magazine says that Spade and Grace’s relationship was much more than a fling and that the comedian led the young woman from a small town into believing that he was in it for keeps.

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