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First, the most comfortable chair I have ever owned is one made by Herman Miller. During my travels many years ago, there was a Herman Miller chair at the desk in my hotel room.

Here are some thoughts….great marketing idea because I bought one after sitting in it.

You've just bought your first place, your career's going well (although your job can be a bit stressful).

At such an early age, I was diagnosed with hypertension with no underlying reason. Manager back then, but by default, I was also the Oracle Database administrator/developer, Information Security Manager/Network Specialist/Server administrator, and Helpdesk Staff (we lacked manpower pretty bad, and this actually lasted for more than 3 years).

I believe it was caused by severe stress from my work. With the scenario above, is it any wonder why I wanted to get out of the rat race?!

“Whilst it may suit commuters into London, it will also provide more expensive houses so young people, who have grown up here, won’t be able to afford them.

“The plans, if fully implemented, will completely alter the character of this beautiful Chilterns market town forever.” The council has shortlisted two options for the western relief route, one of which continues along Picts Lane and the other heads to the east of Horsenden.

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