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SPECIAL THANKS goes out to the Opie & Anthony reddit & Wackbag communities, the fans from the past like Opie Ant, Chuck Radio from Syndication Underground (an old streaming/fan site around the early 2000s), The Bob Whoo Kid Sam Show for preservation / clean-up / creation of the rundowns.

Included in this description will be the rundowns and a fan-made collection of reviews, written by /u/Chuck ECheese and /u/im_not originally posted to reddit, recapping their experience while listening to this material more than a decade later.

Shea and Potrykus aren't just members of Needy Visions, but are also two of the hardest working promoters I've come across in my 20 years as a music nerd.

They want a special boutique relationship between the performers and the promoters and the venue--a certain level of treatment that is simply harder to get at bars.

of Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man--where unrelated Boston musicians are asked to review each other's records.

I am your friendly moderator (I like to think of myself as more of a Jack Kirby than a Stan Lee in terms of famous team-ups).

8PM, Lowell, MA @ Unch ARTed Studios w/ Of The Sun 10PM, Worcester, MA @ Firehouse w/ Bubbly Mommy Gun 2AM, Providence @ PR Matrix Hex w/ Fat Worm of Error This morning when I first looked at how many tracks it contained, Cotton Candy's 2nd LP looked like it was going to be a sprawling Shakespearean affair.

And lest you think that Homegrown 4 is all about punk and noise, look at this man's 740 tattoo and ask yourself that question again. Saturday's got some amazing VT garage-pop silly goodness from Happy Jawbone Band as well as some Zealandy jangle pop from Boston' s Reports--both area bands that I've been digging muchly in the live setting.

In fact, I put it on and went and grabbed a coffee. In addition to their dandy covers of jingles past and present, Cotton Candy (Mark Robinson and Evelyn Hurley) also write some new jingles for local treasures such as Weirdo Records, the Mount Vernon Restaurant (yes! Buy it on i Tunes or order it directly from Robinson himself at for the kitsch lover in your life.

Check out some new Cotton Candy on Cotton Candy's Soundcloud!

It must have just been the style of the time, but I find it difficult to get through this.

Maybe this type of radio at the time was fresh, new, and exciting. They've been interviewing all the contestants from Survivor the Australian Outback and they ask them sex related questions A Norton clip was featured in a WNEW station promo. Opie is still, in fact, using the term 'patch' and 'taking a crunch' without a hint of irony Aside from that though, Opie really isn't that bad.

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Granted, they are bending the rules a little bit by playing in places like caves and lawns, but they do have a few shows on the *official* books tonight that anyone in need of a good cleansing should go see.

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