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Schemas must have a unique root node/namespace combination for the pipeline to resolve the schema.Because the Migration Wizard places all schemas into the same namespace, ensure that the migrated schemas have different root nodes, or alter the namespace after Biz Talk Server 2004 migration completes.

In this article, I will walk you through everything we need to do to build Hyper-V failover cluster including how to validate, create, manage and test our high availability VMs via Failover Cluster Manager. ( for providing servers and QNAP storage for this lab setup. The previously created targets are listed in the Discovered targets section. To validate the migration, run the AREntry Counter utility.Alternatively, you can run the SQL scripts that are available for all the products and versions supported by delta data migration (DDM).Optimally, this article should be read during migration planning, rather than during implementation or troubleshooting.The target audience is Architects, Database Engineers, DBAs, and Developers who are considering or implementing database migration from SQL Server to Azure SQL Database.

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