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Although the built in clock is helpful for keeping track of events on the server itself, it may begin to cause issues if the virtual server has to work with external machines.Emails sent out from a misconfigured server may arrive 3 minutes in the past on another, or users granted access only at certain times of the day, may find themselves blocked because of a time mismatch.You can see the time on your server with the command, date.Furthermore, you can adjust the server’s time zone, if needed, with the command export TZ=America/New_York,modifying the time zone to match your location.There are multiple tiers of NTP servers, with the tier one NTP servers connected to atomic clocks (often via GPS), and tier two and three servers spreading the load of actually handling requests across the internet.The client software is a lot more complex than you might think as it has to factor communication delays, and adjust the time in a way that does not affect the other processes that run on the system.The ntp daemon ntpd is far more subtle as it calculates the drift of your system clock and continuously adjusts it in small increments.Using ntpd there are no large corrections that could lead to inconsistent logs for instance.

Beyond this simple description, there is a lot of complexity.

Luckily all that complexity is hidden from the user.

ntpdate is a bit of a blunt instrument as it can only adjust the time once a day in one big correction.

The cost is a little processing power and memory, but for a modern system this is negligible.

NTP is a TCP/IP protocol for synchronising time over a network.

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