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One Friday night Richie and Eddie return home from a disappointing night on the pull - Richie's bird lies to him, claiming to be a lesbian and Eddie's been kicked in the testicles.

In a desperate attempt to get a girlfriend, the two write a "lonely hearts" advert for Richie to put in the local paper.

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As the host of her own radio show on Detroit's 910AM Radio Superstation and participation in the 490 Project, she's headed the right way.

But now she's moving to Atlanta with two teenage daugthters..her mother.

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Last season, Sara Stokes, Christine Beatty, Chrystale Wilson, Kim Smedley and Stacii Jae Johnson sat down and opened up about their "rock bottom" experiences and the struggles of getting back on their feet.

We have all been through our fair share of dating blunders, pitfalls and disasters.

If you are single, it is easy to get discouraged after a few too many dating disappointments.

This definition pertains to the B/D/S/M (Bondage and Domination, Domimation and Submission, Sado-Masochism) scene.

2) A homosexual male who either a) enjoys receiving anal penetration or b) is activeluy involved in being anally penetrated.

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After trying several ideas including "Ugly Virgin Desperately Seeks Sex Of Any Description", "Hot Young Buck", "Foxy Stoat Seeks Pig", "Foxy Stoat On The Prowl", "Musky Sly Old Foxy Stoat" and finally "Minky Musky Sly Old Stoaty Stoaty Stoat" the two give up.

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