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The two had met on the set during the shooting of Valentine’s Day and had an instant liking for each other.Rumour has it that this fling ended since Taylor Launter was more into it than Taylor Swift was. Judging from the tone of her music, it is evident that her relationship with her fellow musician John Mayer was one of the most tumultuous she has ever had in her long dating life.For better or worse, who you're dating is an extension of your brand.Or, in normal person terms, it's like taking a new job. Maybe it's just a stepping stone to bigger and better things. Now I would never (not ever) want to suggest that Taylor Swift and her latest love interest, Tom Hiddleston, aren't MFEO.Read her dating story below to get more insight about her current relationship status: Joe Jonas was Taylor’s first A-list boyfriend and this couple started dating when they were budding stars.It is said that Joe ended the relationship via a phone call that only lasted 27 seconds.Conor Richard Kennedy (born July 24, 1994) is the son of radio host, activist, and environmental lawyer Robert F.

It immediately made me think of like how much fun they must have had that night. I ended up reading underneath that it was Ethel Kennedy and Robert F. The songs "Last Kiss" and "Better Than Revenge" apparently came out of the relationship,and Joe breaking up with her over the phone gave Tay something to "open up" about on Mayer was Swift's "I'm a woman now boyfriend." For any celebrity, dating John Mayer is a little like taking that unctuous corporate law job that will finally show the world you can wear the big girl pants.It's high stress, high intensity, high profile, and toxic for your soul.Good Guy Conor told them to stop, but one of the trolls pulled out a classic "Whatchu gonna do about it? The officer also says that Conor apologized to him for struggling when he was trying to restrain him.Conor's father, Robert Kennedy Jr., has made a statement, explaining that "Conor has always reacted against bullying.

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