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Unfortunately, getting into the United States with a criminal history is not as simple as showing up at the border with a valid Canadian passport.Canadians who have ever been convicted of a crime, regardless of how long ago the offence occurred, may be refused entry to the United States!Coming to the US on a visitor visa with the sole intention of getting married in the US and then filing for adjustment of status is deemed to be visa fraud, and US immigration officers do not take kindly to anyone they perceive has committed visa fraud.However, it is still possible to adjust status from a tourist visa or visa waiver after getting married in the US.If you supply the wrong project, you will have problems. In times of insolvency, mechanic's lien or other security rights may be the only avenue to collect.In most cases, business people put their contract documents in the file and never look at them again. If there are minor problems, business people usually discuss and resolve these issues in order to preserve relationships and keep moving forward. You must be sure contract terms do not waive those rights. Lien and Bond Claim Waivers You also should review Chapter 3 (Uniform Commercial Code Sale of Goods) if your transaction involves buying or selling materials.Becoming familiar with the Student Handbook is one step that you can take to help ensure your success.

If you are a resident of Canada and have made such a mistake in your past, you could very well be denied entry to the United States on your next trip even if the crime occurred 10 years ago.Contract terms can hold down your costs in resolving the dispute, while making sure your debtor faces a cost penalty for avoiding resolution. Some of the following discussion applies only to suppliers; some applies only to subcontractors, while other parts are applicable to all contractors.You want to avoid risk and limit problems where possible. In any event, all suppliers and contractors have something to learn in a discussion of construction contracting. The faculty and staff at TCC are committed to helping you reach your fullest potential.This Student Handbook is designed to assist you with your personal, professional, and academic success during your time at TCC.

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