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they are receiving the silent treatment only compounds the mental torture. Keeping us in the dark about when it will end (or even why it’s happening) is an intentional strategy designed to create as much anxiety as possible in the recipient. The longer it lasts, the worse the separation anxiety becomes and the more likely you are to feel depressed, jealous, confused, isolated, unworthy etc.I remember reading an article where the writer described the narcissist’s silent treatment as particularly demoralizing because the N is clearly making a statement – in unspoken terms, of course – that you, the recipient, How true that is? The more desperation we feel, the harder it is to follow the no contact rule and to give up the need for closure.The hooligans struck in broad daylight in Prince's Park in Salford where they ripped up a safety surface before throwing chunks of it around.Council bosses have been forced to close the area to fix the damage.The first time it happened to me, I felt as lost, sad, and helpless as the puppy in the picture.I thought my ex surely must be dead on the side of the road to not have called me for three days. Little did I know that that particular silent treatment was the first of literally hundreds to come.The United States' three most storied newspapers, The New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, have lowered their paywalls this weekend for coverage of Hurricane Harvey.The rare move gave non-subscribers unlimited access to their..

Narcissists are fond of using the Silent Treatment as a cruel (but not unusual) punishment for you doing nothing wrong at all and, from experience, I can tell you that the affect of this method of passive-aggressive control is sheer torture.

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I simply couldn’t believe that anyone could do something like that to a person that they supposedly cared about.

My ex-N of 12-years executed a narcissistic silent treatment, on an average, about every 3-6 months (and, during one stretch, even every two weeks), depending, I assume, upon how his other sources of supply were faring.

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Matt, from Stockport, Greater Manchester, claims it has had a devastating effect on his family.

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