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Swift’s 2015 stare-down of Apple—she declined to put her hit album on Apple’s nascent streaming-music service when the company said it would not pay artists during its initial launch; Apple changed its policy immediately and paid everyone—was a seismic example of a single artist’s toppling corporate might.

Now she’s living a secret, abusive nightmare in Florida. But obviously, if you’re going to be taking selfies at your wedding (and you will, because it must be done), you aren’t just going to do it with your hand, or a plain old selfie stick you bought off Amazon, like some kind of sub-par selfie peasant. You’ve got everything covered for your dream wedding. Because if you’re not Snapchatting your own face as your soon-to-be-husband reads his vows, you’re not doing love right.Last Saturday, the 40-year-old Mortimer was arrested for trespassing at the Palm Beach, Fla., residence of her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Alexander “Nico” Fanjul, 30, the son of sugar baron Alexander Fanjul.According to the police report, Fanjul called cops when Mortimer showed up uninvited — while Fanjul’s new girlfriend was there.

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Last spring, after Swift accepted Britany’s invitation to be maid of honor via Instagram—kids today!

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  1. The guy recently got out of a long term relationship (his marriage.) He doesn't need a girlfriend who he has to call every two minutes, or who he feels obligated to go out with every Saturday night.