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SILVER LINK, which also did the animation production for other works such as Non Non Biyori, will also be handling the production for Girl Friend BETA.

Sayuri Haruno dreams of becoming a pastry chef and enrolls in Fleurir Confectionary Academy, an elite school located in Tokyo’s trendy Aoyama district.

Lorr is a merchant who is currently set up at an outpost in order to help supply the Gradoan army.

The outpost was set up in an attempt to put a halt to the recent attacks made on the capital by the Shaherons, a tribe of people that live in the desert.

The story about two young people who lost their paths of life.

Are they able to return to the crossroads, if the destiny connects their paths together?

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When magical girl anime first came out, the demographic was young girls who could see themselves innocently enjoying magic and transformations.

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