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Gradually his research came to include the historical development of ancient Hebrew.

More recently his attention turned to the interconnected diachronic phenomena of change in text and change in language in relation to Hebrew Bible manuscripts and Biblical Hebrew language.

This method incorporates translation and textual criticism, divides the texts into poetical verses, identifies internal parallelisms, and produces a concordance of all words—including suffixes—used in a passage.

Hebrew is a member of the Semitic language family, a group of about 70 languages historically spoken in Northeast Africa and the Middle East.

The Israel Antiquities Authority recently announced the find of a new papyrus apparently dated to c.

700 BC, which seems to mention the delivery of wine to the king in Jerusalem.

Biblical study which focuses on literary form cannot help but touch upon the larger field of literary criticism.

Authors have incorporated a variety of approaches—some traditional; others innovative and controversial—to suggest the richness of the study itself and to provide a sense of its expansiveness into the future.

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