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In June 1967, a story broke in the Albuquerque papers about an old man who had walked many miles into town from the Rio Puerco basin.He claimed to have been held in debt peonage for decades, and asked for relief and sanctuary.Except for that occasional visit, the old man saw no one else, since he did not have a vehicle and was cut off from the outside world.It was a couple of years before I fully understood what I had witnessed.As it happened, I stayed for three days, helping my host gather cattle.The , or ranch owner, was due, coming once a month to bring in supplies and look over the stock.

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When his parents split up, his Dad and step-mum moved up north to Victoria, BC- my hometown.

In an uncharacteristically adventurous move, he decided to follow them and started high school in Canada. Of course, divided families mean divided time, so every Thanksgiving, Christmas and summer break, Finn’s First Boyfriend (henceforth referred to as ‘FFB’) would head back down south to spend time with his mum.

The biggest employer here is Walmart; the second biggest is a prison located at the edge of an empty field.

Los Lunas is also home to a curious artifact of mysterious origin: an 80-ton stone bearing a written code that is eight and a half lines long.

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