Old school dating ideas

In this fast-paced millennial life, ambushed by technology, have we somehow lost the excitement of old-school dating?

Here, 5 old-fashioned dating habits that need to be brought back–and stat.

Pinky’s up and put on your fancy pants for high tea at one of Auckland’s best. Head to the arcade and challenge your SO to a game or two, whether it be the likes of race-car games or air hockey–whatever floats your inner gamer! How about a leisurely stroll in and out of the Victorian-style glasshouses and courtyard of the Wintergardens? Drive out to find the best spot to watch the sunset and who knows, maybe he’ll give you his varsity jacket! Hire a tandem bike and test your balance along Mission Bay. Call us what you will, but the fact is even now, in the rather unromantic age of Tinder and Free Porn, most of us still yearn from time to time for a little romance. For a little break from the coach, and a chance to connect over something other than Netflix. The Cherry Hill Skating Center has everything you remember from your pre-teen dating adventures, minus the pre-teens.And so whether V-Day fires up that yearning for you or not, we’ve got you covered with a list of 28 especially great date ideas — from group dates to sporty dates to sexy dates and beyond — that will serve you now and long after all the Valentine’s bouquets have withered away. Just go on the first Friday of every month, for the designated adults-only skate from 10 p.m. And as long as you’re going old-school, you can also hit nearby steakhouse standby, The Pub in Pennshauken, for “Texas Size” frozen drinks, cheap (but tasty) steaks, help-yourself sides and endless kitsch.Old-school romance seems to only exist on-screen in movies, thanks to apps like Tinder and online dating. The latter has some of us seriously feeling like we were born in the wrong decade–what happened to the good ol’ times before Netflix and Chill? Slip into some spandex, throw your hair into a high-pony and skate holding hands–wearing matching fluorescent sweatbands while you’re at it! Or, swap the rollerblades for a pair of ice skates, chuck on a few extra layers, and hit up the ice rink and pretend it's Central Park. Forget Netflix and catch an old-school flick at the cosy Capitol Cinemas, where you can grab a bottle of vino from the bar to “share” during. Sip on milkshakes and fountain sodas at Grill and Shakes, with 69 flavours of milkshakes to choose from–and FYI every Monday is mystery milkshake day.

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Whatever you pick it will definitely be a date to remember! The weather is getting warmer and the sun is shining brighter.

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