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- Leverages Match Group's experience with Ourtime in North America- Large opportunity: Singles over 50 represent up to 1/3 (1) of singles in key European markets- Operating under Disons Demain brand in France and Ourtime in the UK- Launching with a dedicated campaign addressing "Young Singles Above 50" The European version of the service allows singles to meet through online connections, but also at real world events specifically organized for them.

It is supported by a full offline and digital plan and will benefit from the same expertise in terms of dating, technological innovation, advanced algorithms, data protection, and strong customer service that has made Match Group the world's leading dating service provider.

Unexpectedly, non-Arabic minority daters belonging to large-size communities have strong preferences for Europeans.

The results have implications for immigrant integration policies and demonstrate that Internet dating allows efficient selection by racial divisions, perpetuating country-specific racial inequalities.

Anti-immigrant attitudes are related to stronger in-group preferences among natives.While Europe shows a strong dominance of Tinder and Badoo (except Russia), they face a fierce competition with local and country-specific dating apps across East Asia.In China, Tinder hasn’t quite made it to the top as Momo, which existed prior to Tinder, remains ubiquitous with its Regardless of the variety, many seem to share the modern dating obstacles arising from tech-obsessed and time-compressed lifestyles.– about 9 million singles are 50 - and internal estimate based on Ipsos/Eurostat 2015 for UK – about 8 million singles are 50 .I’d been counting on Paul, a scuzzy-but-still-sexy manager of a music club in Shoreditch, to meet up with me on my first night in London.

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