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The ad went up on the parenting site on October 21 and stresses the ‘importance of discretion’. The Secret Intelligence Service also stipulates: ‘You should not discuss your application with anyone other than your partner or a close family member.’ Mumsnet CEO Justine Roberts said MI6 had first placed the ad on the site in May – and it received more applications than any other job advertised on the website. You are at risk of illness - although it doesn't say what sort of illness, but I'm assuming it means stress-related stuff rather than Yellow Fever. I told myself I was doing quite well, considering, and well done you. Asked myself if I wanted to go out for a drink with me sometime.Actually not that last one because that would be odd.Let’s be honest, most weddings aren’t without their fair share of drama.

U kunt ook digitaal aangifte doen via onze Digitale balie.Wanneer een hond komt te overlijden of een andere eigenaar krijgt, kunt u de hond afmelden voor de hondenbelasting.De belastingaanslag wordt dan verminderd vanaf de eerstvolgende maand na de datum van overlijden of verkoop.A lovely Twitter friend of mine suggested I write this. Actually, the getting divorced bit is quite straightforward. (I still write to his parents - and his aunt - and his cousin.) He is currently stinging me for every penny I have.Leaving my husband was really like stepping off a precipice for me; everything was completely unknown and I felt extremely vulnerable for a very long time. It's a legal process which takes a set amount of time, if you're both on board with it. We tried to agree it between ourselves and it was mostly me who held it all up. I just couldn't stand the intensity of our negotiations, and the rude way in which he addressed me. He is behaving like a moron when, in reality, I know he is a reasonable, logical person.

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MI6 is currently recruiting a new breed of female intelligence officer – from Mumsnet.

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