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‘Green’ is a big part of the solution but in and of itself, green is really not sustainability.” – Julian Agyeman, Ph.) played the role of Martha Jones, a companion to the Tenth Doctor and also a temporary member of both Torchwood Three and UNIT.She also had small guest roles in other TV series such as Casualty, Mile High and The Bill, in which she appeared on two occasions as two separate characters.

Overview In a recent Op Ed in the Boston Globe entitled “Trump Spills the Beans on Who Grows Americans’ Food”, we described how the new US … Let’s re-conceptualize and re-imagine a ‘just’ sustainability.

She had an older sister named Tish, a younger brother, Leo, and a niece, Keisha Jones, who was Leo's daughter.

When she was a child, Leo pushed Martha off the swing and broke her arm.

As a consequence of her time on the series, she also gained the record for most guest appearances on Totally Doctor Who, entirely discounting her turn on The Infinite Quest — although David Tennant holds the record, including Quest.

Agyeman wasn't away from the Doctor Who franchise for long.

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Agyeman continued as Martha throughout the rest of Series 3, and also provided the character's voice for the special animated serial, The Infinite Quest.

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