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Later, Jordan featured in numerous television commercials as supporting actress.

Her hard work and dedication towards her work eventually earned her an opportunity and she made her Hollywood debut through the movie named .

The main problem was that it wasn't very funny, which is always a big problem in comedies.

If the victim chooses not to transfer, the board must transfer the offender to a different campus, or an Alternative Education Program (AEP) or Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP), if there is only one campus in the district at that grade level.It’s not really possible for me to discuss this movie without giving away these twists, so if you haven’t watched the movie yet and want to be surprised, stop reading.Or keep reading, if you’re a masochist who likes to ruin movies for yourself. This movie starts how all good movies start – with a mother-daughter road trip in a convertible as danceable pop music plays. Rebecca is taking her daughter Conner (Jordan Hinson) to college, and she’s worried about her. So much so that when she sees a creepy guy offer Conner a cigarette, she just throws money at a gas station clerk instead of letting him properly scan the items. I’m also pretty sure she sleeps in the same hotel room bed as her daughter, even though there are two beds there.An American actress, Jordan Hinson is known for her role as a Zoe Carter in the Science fiction series Eureka.Born in a middle-class family she spent a major part of her life in her hometown, Texas, United State along with her sibling brother.

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