Jay z dating blu cantrell

On Sunday, the first Blu in Jay-Z’s life took to Twitter to congratulate the new parents and toss her two-cents in about the baby’s controversial and convenient name: Now, we’re not saying that Hov coerced Bey into naming their first born child after his washed up singer ex-girlfriend, but he did just name is first-born child after his washed up singer ex-girlfriend.

Ladies, would you be in favor of naming your child after some broad that your husband used chop down???

Jay-Z was born December 4th, 1969, in Brooklyn, New York, and given the name Shawn Corey Carter.

He is a well-known rapper and is also a record producer as well as an entrepreneur.

Blu Cantrell made headlines in 2001 for her hit song “Hit Em Up Style.” The tune stayed hot on the Billboard music charts.

The song was featured on her album , starring Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore.

With success like that, you can bet that he has an active social life.

It is rumored he dated television personality Ananda Lewis, rapper, actress and model Foxy Brown, fashion designer Rachel Roy, model and actress Maia Campbell, author, hip-hop model, and actress Karrine Steffans, R&B singer Mya, rapper Amil, Love and Hip Hop actress Chrissy Lampkin, Carmen Bryan, and rapper and songwriter Charli Baltimore.

I love her name :-)." Blu Cantrell As stated this week, the names bear the same initials and even sound similar - Blu Cantrell, Blue Carter. Jay-Z Rumors in New York have indicate for sometime he cheated on her with Cantrell.

Considering all Jay-Z's infidelities, known in certain circles in New York, California and Florida, it's a wonder he didn't name the baby Blue Rihanna Vashti Carter.

Blu Cantrell is also known as rapper Jay Z’s ex-girlfriend.

Sources say the relationship with Jay Z happened long before he and Beyonce got together, though Blu Cantrell is rumored to have referenced Beyonce’s now husband in a song entitled“When I was your girl, and you were my man, I stood by your side, when no one was there – all the way to the end, If you’d ever need me.

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