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We adore Demi and Harry, of course, but buzz about them dating seems way off the mark. It looks like buzz that Demi and Wilmer broke up are only adding fuel to the fire that she's hooking up with the One Direction star.

Anyway, here are the details – do with them what you'd like.

While Demi may not typically like the guys who look like Niall, he might be the change of pace that she wants.

But we were soooo hoping Nemi would happen one day!

People tweeted and either said really nice things or rude things. Well, we are glad to hear more people were Team Nemi than not!

And we understand how Demi would be cautious about hanging with another boy bander after going through some other fan rage when she dated the Jonas Brothers' very own Joe Jonas!

Aside from playing games, hollering their own songs at the top of their lungs and waving to shocked, overjoyed fans in neighboring cars, Corden and 1D also decided to choreograph and film a music video -- all while driving in the car.

Well, we don't know this for sure, and honestly, we don't know this at all, but we're hearing whispers that it might be Harry Styles." Creating a rumor out of thin air? The site adds, "But of course, it's always possible that the reason they're keeping the romance secret is because they know the press will speculate on their relationship, and maybe they really are trying to make it work." What do you think of this latest Harry dating rumor?While he called her a "cool girl" in a recent interview and there's even been suggestion that they've Skyped with each other — the mark of any true romance — the singer herself, in a new radio interview, says he's nothing more than a pal. " Since the guys dropped their chart-topping debut, Up All Night, there have been a number of romance rumors about them floating around. When Demi's photo came up in the pile, Horan's bandmate, Louis Tomlinson, joked, "Niall.With Niall Horan riding shotgun and Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson kicking it in the back seat, Corden led the band through the streets of Los Angeles -- and had them play a slightly modified version of the game of "Shag, Marry, Kill." The real surprise came when he said he'd sleep with Fey and go on a cruise with Lovato.But it's probably nice to hear he might have some long-term aspirations for his rumored relationship with the "Good for You" singer.

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