Ios settings bundle not updating

Bundle' into my App Bundle: However, I get a different set of settings (shown in simulator): * Revision * The Settings.bundle is a member of the target: Here's where the settings.bundle is located: Note: I can see the new Settings after I do a 'reset' of the Simulator. Both of Dan's suggestions were needed to be on the right track.However I don't see any change on the actual device, even after removing the app and doing a cold restart. However, nothing changed with DEVICE: removed app and re-install & run... However as with having to reset the simulator to get the Settings to function correctly, I had to: 1) Remove the device app.Replaced existing copy in i Tunes, synched, it worked!!The only step not same as previous attempt was, earlier I had deleted existing copy in i Tunes library and dragged in the new one.You can place a plist file in the application's Resources directory and call register Defaults: with the contents that you read in from that file.

However whenever we ran the app either on the device or on the simulator the settings simply would not appear in the i Phone's settings.

I created a settings bundle for my i Pad app in Xcode 7 i OS 9.

When I make the smallest change, like rename the title of a setting or remove a setting from Root.plist and then I build the app and run it and check the settings in settings, its empty, if I don't change anything it appears, but its just empty. Is there another step I have to do to change my settings bundle? As appearing in the comment of @user979331, the developer forums do refer to this problem, so far without a solution.

For guidelines on how to manage and present settings and configuration options, see The Settings app implements a hierarchical set of pages for navigating app preferences.

The main page of the Settings app lists the system and third-party apps whose preferences can be customized.

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