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The task was necessary however, in order to get boys off to classes as soon as the bell rang and to interrupt any illicit activity such as smoking or drug-taking or just trying to hide away and skive off a hated lesson. My heart sank when I registered that it was an XH, for extra-heavy.

Drugs were a fairly new thing in the school as the seventies began and weren't yet a serious problem, but the Head had talked to us prefects about them and warned us to be on the lookout. ” I hauled him towards the door while he resisted furiously. I have to inject myself with insulin regularly.” Oh, my God! And the poor sod was trying to tell me and I was so sure I was right that I wouldn't even let him speak; and I've smashed his syringe. “No,” I admitted, “but he tried to and I wouldn't listen.” “Had you given yourself the injection before this oaf burst in? I eyed its thick, supple length, taking in the hard ends of the two evil-looking thongs, and I knew that I was in for a right leathering, both in the sense that it would be severe and in the sense that it was richly deserved. ” I swallowed and extended my hands, right on top of left, palms upward, fingers of the top hand pointing slightly downward to stretch the skin across the palm.

A scrawny second-year kid was standing there, eyes big with fright and to my astonishment I saw that he had his shirt-sleeve rolled up and held a syringe in his hand. The Head looked serious and, after listening to me, turned to the boy. They bend over to get it on their behinds; they can't see the cane coming. It was raised high, thrown far back over the Head's shoulder so that it came flying upward and then downward from the maximum distance, gaining the maximum speed so that it delivered the maximum sting on impact.

I'm going to let you off with a leathering because, although I should take away your prefect's badge, I think you have qualities which are worth keeping, and the end of the session's so near,” said the Headmaster. However much getting the belt hurt physically, it would be nothing to the mental hurt and embarrassment of being demoted from my status as a prefect. I'd never been punished by him before and hadn't ever seen his tawse.

Intimidating Shout is a level 70 Arms and Fury ability.

The spell id should be correct but alas it's not working.

This version should now be good enough for addon authors to use it.

The spell IDs should be correct and although some spells are not categorized, yet, the rest is solid information.

Formerly known as "Interrupt Bar modified by Robrman" CHANGES: -Corrected spell cooldowns for phychic scream and freezing trap (v1.4.7) -Added freezing trap and hunter spec detection in arenas to adjust cooldown(v1.4.6) -Fixed cooldown timer disappearing when using Smart hidden(v1.4.5) -Updated spells for Wo D (v1.4.4) -Updated spells(v1.4.3) -Corrected the first line Juked Party Realm = Get Realm Name() Thanks Jitter88(v1.4.3) -Let me know if I missed any spells -Added Carrion Swarm, corrected CD on Spear Hand Strike (Thanks Shivtey)(v1.4.2) -Added optical blast, changed ring of frost and intimidating shout for 5.1(v1.4.1) -Added some/most new spells, may need tweaking - open to suggestions(v1.4.0) -Updated for Mo P, removed obsolete spells, haven't added the new spells yet(v1.3.9) -Cleaned up the code a bit(v1.3.8) -Updated for 4.3, added some new spells(v1.3.7) -Fixed Hidden off smart on (spell icons were stacking)(v1.3.6) -Some of the cooldowns may have changed, if they have and I didnt fix them please let me know.(v1.3.5) -Fixed for 4.2, added shadowfury, fixed cloak of shadows and combat readiness CD(v1.3.5) -Cleaned up some of the code(v1.3.4) -Fixed moving the frames(v1.3.4) -Fixed spell reflect cd(v1.3.3) -Updated for 4.1(v1.3.2) -Fixed some issues with profiles, if you find one please report it(v1.3.1) -Added profiles, may still need work - feedback appreciated as always(v1.3.0) -FINALLY added a GUI for the options.

Use "/juked gui" or "/juked opts" or "/juked config" (v1.3.0) -Added Silencing shot to be reset with Readiness(v1.3.0) -Added Readiness resetting Scatter Shot and Deterrence, may be incomplete(v1.2.9) -Cleaned up some of the code, fixed some errors with repositioning(v1.2.8) -Added individual locking, hiding and smart modes, still possibly buggy(v1.2.7) -Fixed moving, probably still some work to be done there(v1.2.7) -Added /ib smart (v1.2.7) -Cleaned up the help menu some mode, added /juked config to show the current values(v1.2.6) -Added "/juked growleft" to make the icons grow left from the anchor(v1.2.6) -Cleaned up the help menu a bit, feedback is appreciated(v1.2.5) -Added scaling for main bar and prio bar individually(v1.2.5) -Fixed possible problem with Gnaw if used by a transformed ghoul (Thanks Damnationx)(v1.2.4) -Fixed Death Coil cooldown to account for Warlock 4 piece bonus -30 seconds (Thanks Damnationx)(v1.2.4) -Fixed cooldown timer restarting (if same CD is popped, restart timer.

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