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Gender roles are often something we don’t think about.We are socialized as guys and gals to behave in certain ways and often don’t realize it. Anime, like any other medium, reflects the expectations society has for its members.Sometimes it's the same person, sometimes it's a man and woman sharing one body.If a man and a woman bodies, it's a variant of "Freaky Friday" Flip.An apt analogy to keep in mind is that learning about a specific model of car is helped by referencing the operator’s manual, but reading and even memorizing that manual doesn’t replace learning how to drive a car.

The structure in African American families is often nuclear and extended with non-related “family” members.

Each person is an individual, as well as a community member.

The term African American generally refers to people descended from Africans who did not come to the US voluntarily—descendants of the four million slaves brought to the US between 16.

These influence the ways that people act, interact, and feel about themselves.

While aspects of biological sex are similar across different cultures, aspects of gender may differ.

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