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Other actors/singers undoubtedly performed but were not newsworthy, or their stories vanished.

Danny Masterson brought his castmates from fundraisers to benefit LA Police, at Celeb Centre Int'l.

All who are Scientologists are also listed, with brief description and their entangled relationships, at 2013 Scientology Celebrity Spiderweb, viewtopic.php? Use your "find" button and type out their last name.

2016: Jennifer Aspen, Jaime Aymerich, Lynsey Bartilson, Nancy Cartwright, Erika Christensen, Jason Dohring, Denice Duff, Michael Duff, Paris Duff, Jenna Elfman, European pop star Kuba Ka, Jim Meskimen, Marisol Nichols, Noelle North, actor David O'Donnell, Michael Pena, Billy Sheehan, Michelle Stafford, Joy Villa. 2015: from Names from above photo Amrapali Ambegaokar, actress on and other TV shows Bodhi Elfman Danny Masterson David Campbell Erika Christensen Georgina Reilly Jason Dohring Jennifer Aspen Jim Meskimen Juliet Simms Marisol Nichols Mark O’Brien (husband of Georgina Reilly) Nancy Cartwright Raven Kane Campbell Rome Will Burn (duo, Alyssa Suede and Carlton Moody aka Manifesto, volinist and "international DJ"; Carlton has no Co S links) Stacy Francis Denice Duff plus: Freya Tingley, David O'Donnell, Nathan Lorch, and Jim Meskimen's wife Tamra Meskimen.

A.-area ocean and beach advocate Heal the Bay on Thursday night held its annual fundraiser on the sand at the Jonathan Club in Santa Monica, drawing Hollywood to the shore.It gets really smelly and hot, like Guantanamo Bay.annual fundraiser, and the young people are mostly second-generation-Scientologists. I never attended or saw a brochure (except for 2013) listing celebs; anyone who did, please add to the below list.“Blah blah blah” got an update from the 1990s-era sitcom “Seinfeld” on this day in 1997.Lenny Bruce had used the term “yada yada yada” years earlier, but neurotic “Seinfeld” friend George revived its usage as he obsesses over what lay behind the term when his current girlfriend used it to gloss over what she’d done the night before. And please always remember what she told her audience at her Oct. Paul: The best juicy Lucy burger she’s ever had was at Casper and Runyon’s Nook.

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