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They Act Like Classy Ladies Vietnamese women have traditionally been brought up by their families to act like classy ladies. When in a dating relationship, they have a tendency to blush at the littlest things.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about a Vietnamese girlfriend acting all rowdy when taking her out on a date.

Aunts, uncles, grandparents and other extended relatives often have very close relationships and provide a central support system.

Three generations normally live under the same roof.

Interested in dating Asian women but unsure about which particular nationality of women to pursue?

Most young maidens would never dare to even consider cutting their hair short while still in the midst of their youth.

If you’re sick of confrontational Western women, this might be a nice change of pace.

Humility is something you’ll generally be hard-pressed to find in Western women, which is somewhat understandable because it is not rewarded by our society.

While traditional clothes of Vietnam have always been very diverse depending on the era and occasion, after the Nguyễn Dynasty women began to wear elaborate Áo dài for their weddings.

These dresses were modeled after the Áo mệnh phụ (royal Áo dài) of Nguyễn Dynasty court ladies.

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