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A FREE, Seven-Day Email Course That Gets You Out There And Dating Developed by Krista Niles, LCSW - therapist, dating coach, and plus-size blogger The course covers: How to bias the dating odds in your favor The best online dating site for plus-size women Perfecting your online dating profile Mythbusting body-negativity Common plus-size dating mistakes Profile photo perfection Overcoming your resistance to dating And most importantly: how to make sure some magnificent person gets to have you in their life!

Says Li: ‘We’re just trying to provide a comfortable environment for women who happen to be a little larger.

What’s a plus-size romantic to do in a world obsessed with skinniness?

Wouldn't it be great to find the right woman for you? While our Western culture has established the notion of the "ideal" woman as looking like a Barbie doll, most women don't look that way. Some guys are attracted to really petite women, while others like women who are very tall and statuesque. If you are a guy who likes a woman with some meat on her bones, but every woman you see is on a diet, relax - there's hope.

One of the beauties of the internet is that you will find a site for every taste, including best dating sites for plus size women.

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