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The pickups on mine are identical in appearence and of course it's neck thru, not a bolt on.

My 4001 is a bit older than the one your looking at. I've seen knock offs before and it was real easy to see they were not real Ricks. What I did find out though is that its actually a 1976 Model. Also, the neck pickup does look to be non-original.

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Most MM by 63 were finished in cherry ,the vibrato is a factory add on extra option offered by Gibson.

Hard case provided,plenty of checking,some dings and a little wood showing here and there..... The Stratocaster was in it's 25th year of production and a lot of great music was being made.

Here is a Sienna Sunburst (International Color) Stratocaster with worn but original hard shell Fender case for sale.........................

SEE MORE HERE"The STRAT" was introduced by Fender at the 1980 NAMM Show.

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