Dating of the flood

Bill Ryan and Walter Pitman may have a romantic streak in their natures, but there’s nothing eccentric about their ideas.

They are, says Professor Dewey, “Two of the finest American earth scientists working in the field”. What may it tell us about the spread of Neolithic farming, culture and technology into Europe and beyond?

This brochure describes the flood warning system operated by the Australian Government, Bureau of Meteorology for the Fitzroy River.

It includes reference information which will be useful for understanding Flood Warnings and River Height Bulletins issued by the Bureau's Flood Warning Centre during periods of high rainfall and flooding.

The deaths of nine people who were swept away in a flash flood at a swimming hole in central Arizona have raised questions about whether the government should have done more to warn the public about the dangers of floodwaters in wilderness areas.

The nine people who died and a man who remains missing were swept away Saturday after a torrent of water from a thunderstorm upstream roared through the Tonto National Forest.

Judging by the shared testimony, this must not only have been an event that affected everyone simultaneously, but in order for it to have become a permanent fixture in the human psyche, it must have been an experience that persisted not only for days or months, but for several generations.

Significant flooding in the Rockhampton area can also occur from heavy rain in the local area below Riverslea.

Filmed on location in Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia and the United States, HORIZON tells the story of the discovery through the eyes and experiences of the two scientists.

Like Laurel and Hardy, they swing from disappointment to despair, to euphoria, as they pursue their dramatic idea, working with geological evidence from the Turkish navy, drilling into the bed of the Black Sea alongside a team of Russian scientists (who were tracking fall-out from Chernobyl), building in all the data available from experts in climate and tree-ring dating, and finally testing their findings on their colleagues in the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University, and at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

Due to its immense size and fan-like shape, the Fitzroy River catchment is capable of producing severe flooding following heavy rainfall events.

Its major tributaries, the Dawson, Mackenzie and Connors Rivers rise in the eastern coastal ranges and in the Great Dividing Range and join together about 100 kilometres west of Rockhampton.

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But Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management spokeswoman Tiffany Davila said crews who have searched for Garnica for three days now believe they are working a recovery effort.

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