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"During his stay abroad, he was recruited through the internet by emissaries of the international terrorist organisation the Islamic State," Kamilov said in quotes from a press briefing published by the ministry.

Kamilov said Akilov had "actively encouraged compatriots to go to Syria to participate in military operations" for the group.

The site is still here but i don't know if it is still operating.

BTW Anton was a decent and helpful guy, but he charged an outrageous for an airport pick-up, wich is really expensive as taxis to center cost at max.

Kuruvchi's sporting director, Bahtier Babayev."The term of the contract will depend on our performance in the AFC Champions League.

Swedish police are currently holding Akilov, whose lawyer says he has already confessed to driving a stolen truck through the crowd and into the front of a department store in central Stockholm.

A huge crowd turned up at Tashkent International Airport this morning for the arrival of Barcelona striker Samuel Eto'o following claims by Uzbekistan club Kuruvchi that the Cameroon international is about to sign for them.

We will play Saipa in the quarter-finals and Eto'o is our main purchase before the knockout stage of the tournament.

Babayev spoke as if the deal for Eto'o had already been done."The defining moment of the transfer was not money, but the friendly mutual relations between the management of our club and Barcelona," he said.

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