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It is especially true about the big cities, as villages of central and western part of the country (like regions Halychyna and Bukovyna) still honor the past.

Yet the growth of interest to ancient rites raises the importance of keeping folk traditions nowadays at least as a matter of entertainment.

The most important days in April are connected with Easter. At the end of June the Ukrainian people celebrate their Constitution Day with plenty of concerts, fireworks, various musical shows. One of the most significant holidays in the country is the Day of Independence, which is celebrated at the end of August. Thats why its celebrated with impressive fireworks and noteworthy concerts.

Its a religious holiday, which honors the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The exact date of the holiday is the 24th of August.

Malanka (Melanka, Melanky, Malania) or “Melania’s Day” commemorates the name day of a Christian saint Melania the Younger which is celebrated on January, 13.

It partly coincides with the day of another saint – Vasyl the Great whose name day usually falls on January, 14.

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