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Common phases to be used for argon-argon dating are white micas, biotite, varieties of potassium feldspar (especially sanidine because it is potassium-rich), and varieties of amphibole. This can be used to solve equation 2 for the sample.

Second, the sample is irradiated along with a standard of a known age. A major advantage of the argon-argon method is that the sample can be heated incrementally.

This process, known as "step heating", provides additional information on the age of the sample.

Reheating events and diffusion of argon from the boundaries of the grain can result in lower Ar date.

Therefore a small drop in temperature can cause a transition from a state where A is a geometrical parameter which takes account of the crystal form of the argon-bearing mineral (55, 27 or 9 for a sphere, cylinder or sheet respectively), a is the length of the average diffusion pathway from the interior to the surface of the grain, and ) can be estimated.

Our genealogy collection includes: Arkansas census records on microfilm A few turn of the century (1800-1900) newspapers on microfilm (the Harrison Daily Times owns microfilms of their newspaper which they will loan to you for use on our microfilm reader) Family Tree and other selected Cd-Rom titles (including the 1880 census on CD) Genealogy books from various states (especially Arkansas) Family histories that have been donated to the library Immigration books Revolutionary and Civil War records The Mountain Meadows Massacre The Ozark Mountains Basic genealogy help books Marriage, cemetery and history books on most Arkansas counties Genealogy newsletters from various states And much More Genealogy material can not be checked out; there is a copier in the genealogy section (10¢/page b&w or 25¢/page color ). We do have a microfilm rental program that will enable you to borrow census and other microfilms not in our collection.

For help with genealogy questions related to geneaology please contact [email protected] Arkansas Records Catalog provides quick and easy access to detailed descriptions of primary source materials maintained by archives, special collections, libraries, historical societies, and museums across the state, bringing together collection guides from many of Arkansas’s repositories to help you to locate historical documents and learn where you can gain access to the physical records you seek.

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