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A few years ago, I discovered the world of online dating advice.

At the time, I felt like I had discovered a super power.

Plus, you want to kiss someone with soft, kissable lips, right? Try rubbing an exfoliator on your lips or using a moisturizing balm that keeps them soft and hydrated."When it comes to women, Frances recommends steering clear of glosses and lipstick, because ironically, they're not kiss-friendly accessories.

I have Cami on my core coaching team to care for my students when leading a course.

As a coach, Cami is a skillful and insightful facilitator of transformation.

According to our expert, kissing arouses you by releasing endorphins.

So if you're planning on an after-dinner lip-lock, come ready.

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  1. Your neighbor’s mom knows someone who would be just for you? Hanging around the grocery store ‘meal-for-one’ section waiting to accidentally touch hands with another lonesome stranger? For this reason, old-school romantic gestures are considered a pretty big deal.