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A border-free world is a world in which any human being has the right to live, love, travel, and work in any country he or she pleases.

While visas are by far one of the biggest barriers for free movement around the world, there are several others which I discuss in the articles below.

Wrestling matches were described by the Greek poet Homer, and wrestling became the final and decisive event of the pentathlon, the five-fold contest of the Greek public games.

The poet Pindar describes how the gods Zeus and Cronus wrestled for possession of the universe along the river Alpheus at Olympia. Wrestling was the most popular event in the ancient Greek Games, and lists of Olympic wrestling winners have been recorded since 708 B. One of the most famous of the Greek wrestlers was the philosopher, Plato, who won many prizes for wrestling as a young man.

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In this section we'll examine the relationship between television and culture.

India, the world's biggest democracy, is an Asian mishmash composed of dirt, swamp, sparks, haze, spice, mind, ignorance, enlightenment, bliss, discrimination and egos all wrapped tightly in the void.

The best online dating sites in the United States have millions of members. is so great for online dating because there is a site for pretty much any niche or interest you can imagine. is that you have millions of singles to choose from. I used this site for two years while I was living in New York and had quite a few dates.

Even the second tier online dating sites pack a punch with hundreds of thousands of members. The abundance of choice though has its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is that there are a ton of bad online dating sites full of fake profiles and empty promises. Unlike e Harmony though, I spent a lot more time weeding through lower quality profiles.

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Sumerians cast wrestlers in bold relief on stone slabs at least 5,000 years ago, antedating all other artifacts of ancient sport. Wrestling also reached a high stage of development in Egypt, where paintings of wrestlers dating to approximately 2500 B. have been found in lavish tombs of kings and other high officials.

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