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All the setting identifiers must be set in all-caps, otherwise they will not be processed.Setting values that are numbers (5, 20, etc.), booleans (True, False, None, etc.), dictionaries, or tuples should be enclosed in quotation marks. Although you don't need to declare the model type in edit and display templates, it's a best practice so that you get compile-time checking of the model being passed to the view.The j Query UI library provides support for animation, advanced effects, and customizable widgets.By using the vendor-specific mso-table-lspace and mso-table-rspace CSS properties, you can be rid of those spaces and continue on to tackle the million other problems caused by Outlook.Using width or height tags to resize images in your markup can create a problem in Internet Explorer browsers.

Using -ms-interpolation-mode:bicubic; ensures that your images look a little better.

NET MVC considers it a dynamic type and there's no compile-time type checking.

Make sure that the Use a layout or master page and Create a strongly-typed view check boxes are not selected. (Another benefit is that you then get Intelli Sense for the model in the view in Visual Studio.) If the model type is not declared, ASP.

Here is a list of settings for Pelican: , Pelican will use the file system timestamp information (mtime) if it can’t get date information from the metadata.

If set to a tuple object, the default datetime object will instead be generated by passing the tuple to the The regexp that will be used to extract any metadata from the filename.

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