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There are a variety of factors that make a cameo valuable.

With this guide, you will be able to appraise and assess your cameo collection from home.

And since a cameo is carved from a single material, anything from agate and onyx to shells, that sounds about right.

Cameos are usually carved in relief; the figure or scene stands out, with the rest of the shell carved away.

Because they have been so popular throughout different eras, many people have a cameo that they have inherited or admired.

Surprisingly, though, many people have trouble telling the difference between an authentic cameo and an inexpensive reproduction.

A cameo is a material that is carved with a raised relief that often depicts a profile of a face or a mythical scene.

They’re becoming popular again today, and, of course, that means a rise in prices — and fakes!

I can search for “Italian cameo” or “antique cameo” in Google Images and get lost looking through all of the gorgeous designs.

The Three Muses (or Three Graces) cameos are some of my favorites, and I really love seeing ones with crazy hair, pearl strands (cameos of busts wearing jewelry are called cameo habillé), or very detailed village scenes, usually with a couple in some romantic setting.

In fine jewelry, the cameo is defined as an ornament carved in relief from a high-quality material such as stone, shell, coral, Gutta-percha, bog oak, ivory, lava, or mother-of-pearl.

I’ve always loved these earrings, which were given to me in the early 1960s by an elderly neighbor who was getting ready to move into a retirement home.

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