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This well-made, well-designed double-action six-shot chambered an 8mm cartridge that fired a 121.9-grain bullet at 625 fps for a muzzle energy of some 106 ft-lbs.

Not exactly hard-hitting, but not unusual ballistics when compared with some of the other European revolvers of the period.

Even the high attrition rate (eventually 4.2 million casualties with 1.3 million dead) would not prove that much of a relief on arms supplies, and France was constantly looking for ways to bolster shortfalls.

The primary issue French handgun at the time of the Great War was the Model 1892 Ordnance revolver.

The Spanish proof stamps changed in the very late 1920s and very early 1930s, so there were what I'll call "early" and "late" versions of interest to us here.

I'm keeping the pistol because it was my first Star and it's pretty much as advertised and has some history. t=671890 The reason I'm starting this thread is to ask about another pistol that a board member offered to sell me.The long Barrel guns were reported to be produced for the Navy, however Star records indicate that they only produced them post war.This being the case it is odd that this gun carries the two stars on the butt of the gun thought to be added by France inspectors.In the late 1920s the lion was also reguardant (looking over his shoulder).(A version from the early 1920s was rampant but not reguardant - the change has no significance so far as the meaning or use of the stamp is concerned.) As a single proof this stamp might appear by itself just about anywhere.

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