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, "skater boy") is a song by Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne, released as the second single from her debut album, Let Go (2002).It was written by Avril Lavigne and The Matrix (Scott Spock, Lauren Christy, and Graham Edwards), and produced by The Matrix.

While Anderson's announcement is absolutely a milestone for skateboarding, as a die-hard skateboarder myself, it's been hard to join in the celebration.This quiz is a joke i mean it says that i have 0% in everything i know what type a guy i like i wanted to see if this quiz told me the same thing.I like that is sweet, funny, and not afraid to have fun also country.The song is a power pop and pop punk track, which lyrically, tells a story told from the singer's viewpoint about her rocker boyfriend and a girl he knew in high school who rejected him because he was a skateboarder and she was a snob.The song received critical appreciation, with most commending its hook, calling the song "funny" and "clever".

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It was a success on TRL and was voted one of the best music videos of the decade by BT TV.

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