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For some meanings of give, the indirect object must go in front of the direct object.

When you use give like this, put the indirect object in front of the direct object. When you use give like this, the indirect object can go either in front of the direct object or after it.

Until he faked his own death and resorted to isolation, Dexter was a Serial Killer that went after other killers (to control his "Dark Passenger"), rather than harming innocent people.

By day, he was a blood spatter analyst within the Miami Metro Police Department, working closely with the detectives and other forensic specialists, while maintaining a jovial personality.

Eventually, Dexter had developed a detailed method of killing that allowed him to avoid the justice system itself by getting rid of any potential evidence (including the body itself) with the use of stream currents that head north through the country.

Dexter was the true "Bay Harbor Butcher", though Sergeant James Doakes was framed for the crimes that were committed and the legend had died with him (until Maria La Guerta reopened the investigation after discovering a mysterious blood slide at Travis Marshall's crime scene).

Allah (The Exalted) has given us clothing to cover ourselves and to look good.Let us learn about the importance of clothing and the Sunnah.Raised with those who you follow Ibn 'Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) reported the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) as saying, 'He who copies any group of people is one of them.' The intention of the above is that whoever adopts the ways and manners of the unbelievers and evildoers will be a partner in their sins. Do not follow others, but follow our Prophet (may Allah be pleased with him).He is pleasant to look at and to meet, and does not annoy people with his careless, dishevelled appearance.He always checks himself before he goes out to meet people, and he makes himself look good in front of his Companions, as well as in front of his family.

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