Costa rica dating marriage

Guests pin money on their clothing as sort of a payment for dancing with the bride or groom, and the money is collected as a nest egg to start the new couple in their new life together or pay for a honeymoon.This is similar to the tradition at Italian weddings in which the bride carries a bag called a "la borsa" at the reception and guests place envelopes filled with money in the bag.

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But Costa Rica has traditions that are unique to its culture.

Here's a sweet one: A few days before the wedding, the groom, his friends, and a band show up at the bride's house for a serenade of love songs to her. At the reception, there's dancing, just like in the U. But in Costa Rica, they traditionally have what's called the Money Dance.

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Destination weddings in Costa Rica (especially on Costa Rica's beaches) are tropical fantasies by definition.

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