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Now that I have a little wisdom to work with, I understand there is someone out there for P1 Scrub Guy!

There's someone out there who can get along with dang near everybody. I know and have met plenty of people who probably don't have a match anywhere in the entire world, at least not with any living things.

Uhm, The Rev Was From Avenged Sevenfold, NOT Shinedown. Anyway, I Think That This Song Is About A Man Losing His Girlfriend Or Wife, He Took All Her Pictures Off The Wall, Her Voice Still Haunts Him, The Crow Chasing The Butterfly Could Be A Metaphor For Something/Someone Who Is Not Nearly As Beautiful As A Butterfly, Chasing A Butterfly, Being The Beautiful Woman.

I don't think it will ever be full time again, but I will take what I can…Continue Started by Ron. Rock on, bro, I wouldn't be where I am as a musician or as a person without you!I think a lot of people don't get the "dandelions lost in the summer sky" line... When I finally figured it out, I spent about 2 years being pretty lonely and miserable, but by then I knew more about what I wanted so I was able to avoid trying to force it.Trust me, as a self-professed idiot for the exact same reason, I know.

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