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Sure not all celebrities went out and spent million on a private jet, then again even some of the most powerful couples in show business do not have the 0 million spending power of Jay-Z and Beyonce.Beyonce, looking pregnant, and Jay Z were out to dinner last night where she was spotted sporting a baby bump.The 0,000 present was given to Jay-Z as he celebrated the re-opening of his NYC night club 40-40.

In January 2012 Beyonce reportedly purchased Jay-Z a brand new pinky ring with a blue sapphire in the middle.On Kill Jay Z, the album's opening track, the rapper addresses the elevator fight from 2014, where Beyonce's sister was caught attacking the rapper.'You egged Solange on, knowing all along, all you had to say you was wrong,' Jay-Z raps.Blue Ivy's voice is heard on the final track, Legacy and Jay-Z discusses his mother, who he says is a lesbian, on the song Smile.Jimmy Kimmel tricked unsuspecting people on Hollywood Boulevard into congratulating Beyonce and Jay Z on the birth of their twins with fake names.Hilariously, a number of people fell for the prank. The talk show host introduced the segment on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” by addressing the baby name rumors.

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