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My laptop is next to me as I draw and if something strikes me, I send an email to the show. It's a thrill when you hear Howard read your email the next day. After one of my emails describing how much I loved Benjy, I got my first response. They said it was rare that anyone appreciated Benjy. I thought, "This is my one and only chance to meet Benjy and everyone else on the Stern Show and I want to meet them." I accepted.I've heard him read my emails every once in a while. They found out, after researching me on the internet, like they do all guests, that I was an artist.

See the protection policy and protection log for more details.Jackson tick in an entertaining and insightful interview.The 49-year-old comedian on Wednesday shot back on Twitter after Stern said the lives of his former employees nosedived after they left his radio show, then took aim at Stern’s handpicked chief operating officer Marci Turk.Howard played tapes from the enraged members of the public in Kentucky upon hearing about Christmas' new gender-neutral icon.Robin wondered what type of women "Jan" Hein was pulling in on the lesbian dating sites and Howard said it was all of the hot girls who like a butch partner.

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So Robyn O'Neil's recent appearance on the Stern show was, at least for me, hard to ignore. There was some fallout, though, namely due to a photograph of O'Neil lifting up her shirt (though leaving on her bra) that went up on the Stern show website - and then spread through the Tubes. Because I care, and I do, I spent a couple days tracking O'Neil down and asked her a series of questions. I have been writing to the show since before I knew about email. Whether I want to say, "Thank you for carrying my favorite tank tops, J.

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