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Denie retains her strong love of language and is delighted to have found the myriad non-verbal languages of expressive arts.For over 20 years, after raising her family, Denie worked as an Occupational Therapist, which gives her a unique understanding of how the arts are embodied in our daily life.Her focus is on how expressive arts therapy can impact the grieving process with children/ adolescents who are dying and/or bereaved, as well as their families. , NYEA graduate Carolee VISITING TRAINERS During the year, various leaders and pioneers in the field of expressive arts will present open workshops for the community and interested members of the public.Rebekah developed The Art 2 Heart Project – transforming grief through the arts. Additionally NYEA will sponsor events that present the work of poets and performance artists, .

With the help of volunteers, we grow and harvest thousands of pounds of pesticide-free fresh produce each season to be donated to food shelf partners.

Art Tour International Magazine is proud to present a highly-anticipated and ground-breaking publication, testament to our dedication and involvement with some of the most talented and inspiring artists operating in the world today: the ATIM'S Top 60™ Masters of Contemporary Art 2017!

There is something going on almost every day of the week that can connect you with God and other students while here at Schreiner University.

Knowing you have a problem is one thing, doing something about it is quite another.

Sometimes the only way is to admit defeat and seek outside help.

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I got a cleaner from an agency (out-of-work actor, useless) and on his first day I returned from work to find a note that said, 'I came, I saw, I left.' A new, braver cleaner was sought and from then on things went swimmingly. My boyfriend, Ralf, who is a chef, is very fussy about the kitchen, but will happily leave all his clothes on the floor, and leap over piles of stuff on the stairs without even noticing that it's there. Our daughter, Alabama, 12, is shaping up to be the worst of us all.

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