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“She is wifey material,” one source close to Brown told on May 23.

“No one has ever loved him, made him feel more special, or forgiven him for his past mistakes the way Ri has.” Interestingly enough, speculation has also swirled that she is getting to Leonardo Di Caprio.

Read below to know about Rihanna and Chris Brown relationship Timeline, Dating Rumors & More.

Rihanna chose to be a little more private about the whole incident.

Is Chris Brown going to come between Drake and Rihanna once again?

After rumors sparked that Ri Ri and Drake may be engaged, Breezy started preparing to ‘man up’ if his ex really is on h…

While Brown hasn’t directly addressed the news of Rihanna and Drake’s romance, he has allegedly thrown shade at his fellow rapper on Instagram and according to one recent report, he has convinced himself that Rihanna and Drake’s relationship isn’t as serious as it may look.

That said, many reports have suggested that Brown isn’t completely over his ex-girlfriend.

While Brown may have convinced himself that Rihanna and Drake’s romance is quite casual, Drake reportedly feels like Rihanna may be The One.

Chris Brown knows Rihannaand he knows that she is not in love with him like the way he is with her,” a source close to Brown told on September 10.

“Drake is trying hard to get Rihanna to love him but you can’t force love and she will always love Chris Breezy and there is no doubt about that.” Rihanna and Brown dated on and off for a few years, but due to Brown’s assault in 2009, their relationship has been deemed unhealthy and while they have reunited numerous times since the incident, they’ve never appeared to be too serious about getting back together.

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