An error occurred while validating the server dns www lave dating agency ry

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This failure means that the requested mailbox is temporarily unavailable; this is not an indicator that the mailbox actually exists or not but, often, a message sent by external mail exchangers with greylisting enabled.

So cannot unallot the Whois Guard (or) Whois Guard does not exists.

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This failure means that, while both the domain and the mail exchanger for the email address being tested are not from a well-known disposable email address provider (DEA), the mailbox is actually disposable.For it to function correctly each domain should host a secondary zone containing a copy of the trusted domains Forward Lookup Zone.This was worked before the domain upgrade but since then I have been receiving the error "The server with this IP address is not authoritative for the required zone.” this is preventing the zone being replicated to the secondary zone within the trusted domain.A Stub Zones allows an organization to resolve names to a private namespace or speed up name resolution to a public namespace without the use of Conditional Forwarders or Secondary Zones.When a DNS server receives a client query request for a host address that is not part of its authoritative namespace, it starts a resolution process beginning with a root name server and continues the process until the name is resolved.

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