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Season 5, Episode 5October 13, 2002Piper (Holly Marie Combs) is assigned to protect a retiring elder being hunted by a demon, who sends an assassin that looks like a comic-book character. Season 5, Episode 6October 20, 2002The sisters battle a demon who is murdering gypsies and stealing their eyes in hopes of finding a pair that will allow his blind, demonic father to see again.

Season 5, Episode 7November 3, 2002A demon trapped in Purgatory after battling the Charmed Ones projects his voice into the living world and tricks Paige and Cole into releasing him from his confinement, whereupon he steals Cole's powers.

Milano says that as a result her credit has now been destroyed, and she cannot refinance her home.

Milano also accuses Hellie of forging her signature on documents multiple times without her consent, once to invest 1,000 in a parking lot project and another time to pay himself a ,000 fee after she informed him that she was firing him and his firm.

The couple also doesn’t seem to be too concerned about their daughter’s online privacy.

After she was born they bought all domains that had any iteration of her name, and the @Kutcher Wyatt Twitter feed is full of retweets of the kid’s parents and fans.

In documents filed in the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles last Monday, Milano claims that her current woes began with the renovation of her Bell Canyon home.

Alyssa Milano has filed a lawsuit accusing her manager of destroying her finances by mismanaging her funds, failing to pay taxes and and investing money from her account without her approval.

Meanwhile, Piper's pregnancy interferes with her demon-fighting abilities as she suffers from ill-timed panic attacks.

Season 5, Episode 4October 6, 2002An evil siren uses her song to lull men into a trance before she incinerates them, and the demon sets out to kill a future whitelighter whom Leo is assigned to protect. Meanwhile, Paige can't control her orbing abilities, which are kicking in when she tries to become intimate with her new beau. Meanwhile, Phoebe's busy lifestyle causes her magic skills to deteriorate from a lack of use.

Vinnie Jones says when it comes to UFC fighters, he's all about Conor Mc Gregor.

Vinnie joins a huge list of celeb Mc Gregor supporters -- one that already includes Shaq, Arnold Schwarzenegger, U2's The Edge, Gordon Ramsay and many many more.

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